Basic Skin Care

It only takes practice to perfect the skill. Knowing how to care for your skin is important to you.


Far from being beneficial, most soaps should be used in great moderation. The acidity of the skin is known as the “acid mantle”. The skin loses its protective acid coating, is denuded of natural moisturising factors and oils, and becomes alkaline through the use of soap- leaving theskin dry and irritable.

Your cleanser will depend on your skin type. A good cleanser will clean the surface of your skin by emulsifying the oily secretions, dirt, pollution, make up and so forth without stripping the skin. They must have a natural pH or be slightly acidic.

Use enough cleanser to cover a 20c piece in the palm of your hand. Dab then stroke upward and outward over the throat and face to disperse. Don’t scrub at your face, just use a gentle even pressure. Remove the cleanser with a warm wet face cloth.

Aromatic Waters, Toners and Astringents

These products are used to complete the cleansing process by removing the residual oily film, dirt and every last trace of cleanser which my be present on the skin. They also tighten the pores (not close them), and can tone and refresh the skin and saturate the epidermis.

The action of the lotion varies according to the essences used and the percentage of alcohol in the solution. Be cautious with lotions containing alcohol as they will dry, dehydrate and irritate the skin.


A moisturiser, contrary to popular opinion, cannot “put” moisture which has been lost back into the skin. This product leaves a thin film on the skin to prevent moisture loss and alleviate dehydration, provide a protective layer which lubricates the skin surface and protects against dirt and pollution, and prevents powder and make up base from obstructing the skin. Once again the moisturiser that will suit your skin will depend on your skins needs. Even an oily skin can lack moisture or water!

Use enough moisturiser to cover a 5C piece on the palm of your hand. Dab then stroke upward and outward over the face and throat to disperse. Don’t forget your eyes!

Night Cream or Treatment Cream

These creams contain active ingredients and oils and their purpose is to nourish the skin and combat devitalisation. They are commonly used around the eyes and on the throat as both areas are delicate and practically devoid of oil glands. When applying around your eyes be careful not to stretch your skin. Pat on with a gentle rolling motion of your fingers.

Eye Cream

Applying a small amount to the under eye and a tiny amount to the lid areas. These creams are formulated to nourish and tone the skin. Overuse of these creams will allow excess water from the product to collect under the eyes giving a baggy look to the area.


There is a mask for every specialised skin problem. Ask your beauty therapist to recommend one for you. A mask is a type of deep cleansing preparation (as are steam treatments) and should be used after cleansing. Always tone and moisturise after such a treatment. The action of any mask depends on its active ingredients’ and they can be used 1-3 times per week before a special occasion or as a “pic-me-up” to give your skin a special treat.