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Short Hair Long Hair
45 minute service Includes shampoo, scalp massage and a cut designed for your everyday needs, finished with product and moisture removed from your hair.
$69 $79
ncludes shampoo, scalp massage and a specialised cut with a professional blow wave to enhance your new style.
$79 $89
1 hour 15 minute service. Includes detailed consultation to discuss and create your new
look, scalp massage, fabulous new hair cut with a professional blow wave, plus home care advice to give you confidence in styling your new look.
Includes shampoo, scalp massage with a professional blow wave finished with your choice of curly or straight hair.
$59 $69
Add on curls or iron straightening with any cut
Silk Treatment
Essential moisture treatment to give your hair a boost of hydration and shine.
Piece Foil Work (up to 6 foils)
1/4 Head $79 $95
1/2 Head $99 $119
Full Head $149 $179
Permanent Retouch with 1⁄2 head foils $159 $189
Permanent Retouch 1⁄4 head foils $139 $162
Permanent Retouch full head foils $179 $239
Keratin smoothing treatments reduce frizz, curl and drying time with advanced technology that encapsulates keratin inside your hair cuticle. This makes your hair healthier, smoother, with more shine. This treatment will relax curls up to 40%, cut your drying time in half as well is giving your hair a silky textured finish.

Full quote, on consultation, prior to appointment.

Full head perm
All over perm with your preferred style of curl.
$99 $150
Top wave
This is for shorter hair styles to give added volume.

Special occasions, balls and business event. Price is determined on how detailed hair up is and your length of hair.
Please allow one hour for your hair up. This will include a detailed consult to discuss your perfect look for your day. Bring your ideas in on your phone to share.
Perfect treat to brighten your day and make you
feel amazing.
Hair must be freshly washed and dry for this service.
Our three-step process includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance. For stronger and healthier hair, plus colour lasts longer with more vibrancy then try Olaplex.
You can add this 15 minute treatment to any cut and or colour to build and repair bonds on damaged hair and to
restore integrity and prevent fading of your hair colour.
30 minute hair treatment that increases elasticity in your hair and restores your hair to its natural state with less
breakage and healthy glowing hair. Reduces and prevents
damage whilst making your hair colour last longer.

Short Hair Long Hair
All Mens cuts include shampoo and scalp massage.
Clipper Cut $22
Mens Cut and Groom $49
Short Hair Long Hair
Trim $22
Cut and ruffle up to 13 years $30
Cut and ruffle from 13 years $40
Cut Student id with blow wave $69
Permanent Colour
$99 $110
Permanent Retouch $79 $89
Semi – Permanent Colour $79 $89
Balayage – Includes toner $170 $207
Toner $32
Dermaviduals® is a customised skincare. We create for you, your unique custom formulations, combining proprietary ingredients into one personalised mixture to accomodate your distinct skin needs.

Dermaviduals® Skin Care line is based on the science of restoring and maintaining healthy skin, a concept called corneotherapy.

Dermaviduals® products are composed of pure natural ingredients. They smooth the skin, reduce appearance of scarring and pigmentation, prevent accelerated aging and calm the skin.

Includes shampoo, scalp massage and a specialised cut with a professional blow wave to enhance your new style.
1 hour 30 mins $89
No matter what your skin care concerns, this enzyme peel guarantees exceptional results every time.
30 min $69
Bespoke skin treatment using a natural fruit driven enzyme blend of pineapple an papaya enzymes, treatment is designed to remove unwanted skin cells, improve your skin texture and tone as well as helping with congested skin. Leaving your skin soft, supple and hydrated.
45 min $89
Skin needling is a common name for what is clinically known as Collagen Induction Therapy (C.I.T.).x This is a procedure that works by stimulating your body’s collagen or fibroblast
cell deep within the skin using very fine pins (needles). Your body will naturally regenerate the skins cells in the dermis over a 28 cycle. Once regenerated blood supply is enhanced, skin is smoother and any scars are less visible.
1.5 hours $299
Course of 6 CIT treatments $1595
Nellie Tier is a New Zealand made, all natural hand blended range using the finest vegetable oils and botanical extracts and combine them with rich nut butters, pure flower hydro-sols, vitamins aloe vera, manuka honey and pure essential oil. Perfume and paraben free.
Includes in room skin consult, deep ex-foliation Hydrating mask will give your skin a burst of plumpness with a relaxing aromatherapy facial and neck massage to finish.
This is the perfect gift.
1 hour $99
Delivering what your skin needs utilising cosmeceutical care within a concentrated time frame along with a little pampering.
30 min $69
Formulated for oily, congested and clogged skin. If you suffer form enlarged pores, black heads and milia (white bumps), this fast track service gets straight into it.
Rich in herbal infusions, botanical extracts, healing vitamins and pure essential these products have been carefully formulated to heal, nourish and support young skin.
45 min $85

Crystals will gradually refine and reduce dead skin cells accumulating on the surface revealing soft, new skin. Our micro machine delivers a gentle yet effective exfoliation combined with vacuuming to deeply clean the skin.
Microdermabrasion promotes the production of new skin cells, collagen and assists to even out skin tone and texture. We hydrate and nourish your skin post-treatment.
1 hour $99
Crystals will gradually refine and reduce dead skin cells accumulating on the surface revealing soft, new skin. Our micro machine delivers a gentle yet effective exfoliation combined with vacuuming to deeply clean the skin.
Microdermabrasion promotes the production of new skin cells, collagen and assists to even out skin tone and texture. We hydrate and nourish your skin post-treatment.
1 hour $99
OBSERV is the latest in skin diagnostic devices. Many skin conditions that surface in time originate from the deeper skin layers and are difficult to diagnose with the human eye. The OBSERV exposes those conditions by using a patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology. Using this unique technology, we can instantly reveal skin conditions, create awareness and propose you targeted treatment programs. A results driven communications tool to share with you.
50% price redeemable on product.
30 min $50
We use Celluma LED light therapy machines. LED light therapy treatments are scientifically proven to produce clearer, brighter, younger- looking skin. LED is proven to stimulate cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue repair, creating glowing complexions, evening out skin tone, anti-inflammatory, treats rosacea, fine lines, and causes cell regeneration. Red lights regenerate. Blue lights deal to acne skin, and wound healing, scarring.

  • Stimulates the body’s own cellular mechanisms by photomodulation.
  • Not a laser or an IPL so no heat, no side effects, no downtime.
  • Non invasive, safe therapy
  • Relaxing and calming experience
  • Quick service of 30 minutes.
25 min $59
Add an eyebrow shape to any facial
Add on eyelash tint to any facial $25
Add on LED light treatment to any facial $49
Add on wash and blow wave to any facial $49
Add on derma eye-zone $49
For Brighting and enhancing your beautiful eye area

Eyelash tint

Eyebrow tint $25
Eyebrow shape $25
Eyelash tint + Eyebrow Shape and Tint
Eyebrow Shape + Eyebrow Tint $49
Eyelash tint + Eyebrow tint / or Eyebrow shape $59

Relaxing massage to release tension and stress within your body and soul.
1 hour 30 min $149
1 hour $99
45 min $89
30 min $69
Firm deeper pressure massage to release tension spots in muscular tissue.
1 hour $110
30 min $80
A heavenly hour of relaxing, skin nourishing massage using warm pure Fiji exotic oils.
1 hour $109
Full body mitt exfoliation followed by luxurious massage with warm tropical oils and body butters, your skin will be left feeling silky smooth.
1 hour 15 min $115
Stone massage therapy came from healers using rocks from volcanic eruptions and warming them either in hot coals or hot water. We place the warmed stones along energy centres of the body and the stones relax the muscles and ‘drawout’ muscle pain and discomfort. A most soothing and calming therapy.
1 hour 15 min $139
Reflexology treats the whole person, most people can benefit from treatment Reflexology gently nudges the body toward better functioning
by improving lymphatic drainage and venous circulation. It stimulates the nerve pathways, induces muscle relaxation, and helps the body to balance itself. Very relaxing.
You remain in your day clothes for this treatment.
1 hour $99
Cupping is an ancient art dating back 300 years. It is, today, a form of complementary medicine, whereby suctions is applied to tight, sore muscles which can cause localised bruising. This is most popular for treatment of sports injuries or as part 15 min of a detoxifying regime and to release tension spots especially in the upper and lower back.
45 min $85
Course of 4 x 45min Cupping treatments $276

Be transported to cloud nine with a relaxing one hour full body massage plus one hour aromatherapy Nellie Teir facial.
2 hours $189
Treat the man in your life to some well deserved time out for him to unwind with a one hour signature skin treatment, 30 minute back massage and 30minute foot treatment.
2 hours $199
Beautiful one hour aromatherapy facial, relaxing back and neck massage, glam hands 30 mins manicure and a professional one hour pedicure finishing with shampoo and stylish blow wave and light day makeup.
1 hour $109
Have show stopping nails with a complete manicure and professional pedicare.
*Add on a wash and blow-wave to any package or body treatment for $49
2 hours $169
Full Leg + Back + Arms + Chest $210
Full Leg + Back + Chest $179
Electrolysis is a method of semi-permanent hair removal. As its name implies, we use an electric current to destroy the root of each individual hair. This is a complex subject and a consultation and test patch is essential.
15 min $39
30 min $59
We use a high frequency current, a very effective permanent method of removing dilated capillaries. These visible capillaries, also known as red veins, are often found on sensitive skins that have a genetic celtic link – could this be you? We cauterise these vessels and they heal over a 4-6 week period. It does feel hot and stingy but we work to your tolerance levels.
Initial consultation and test patch $89
30 min $119
Give yourself a beautiful glowing sun-kissed look all year round with VuTan. VuTan solutions are created with the finest naturally derived botanical and certified organic ingredients. Now you can have that summer look all year round with a tan that is without the health risks. We offer express and dark tanning finishes.
Spray tan full body $49
Spray tan half body $35
‘Addiction’ joins our range of 100% pure mineral cosmetics. Make it part of your daily skin protection routine.
Make-up lesson
One on one make-up lesson. Allow one hour.
Bridal Make-up/Trial required. $99
Special occasion make-up $70

We do not double dip or recycle our wax. We maintain the highest standards of care, you can be assurred of superior waxing results and after-care advice.
‘Dry skin’ brushing is an essential after-care wax routine, ask us why. Combined any 2 or more waxing and receive 10% off your total bill
Full Leg wax $79
1/2 Leg wax $49
Bikini Wax $39
Expended bikini $49
Brazilian 4 – 8 weeks $65
Brazilian 8 weeks and over $75
Under arm wax $30
Arm wax $45
Upper-lip $25
Chin $25
Back + Shoulders $79
Chest $59
Arms $59
Brows $25
Full Leg wax $102
Glam Hands
Beautify your nails with file, buff, cuticle tidy and your choice of polish
30 min $49
Full Professional Manicure
Facial for your hands includes shaping, exfoliation cuticle work, mask, massage hot towels with your choice of polish.
1 hour $79
Special occasion make-up $70
Feet Treat
We stand on them all day why don’t you give your feet a quick treat. Tidy up your nails, buff, cuticle tidy and your choice of polish.
30 min $69
Callus Enzyme Heel Peel
Removes hard skin shell off heels.
30 min $59
Full Professional Pedicure
Foot and lower leg massage, trimming nails, cuticle work, buff bottom of your feet, exfoliation, mask, massage with your choice of polish.
1 hour $85
Feet treat with Callus Enzyme Peel 1 hour $119

Derma Advanced Skin Facials 1¼hrs $165.00
Derma Clear, Derma Calm, Derma White, Derma Anti-Age, Derma
Advanced + LED Anti-Age – 2 hours
Derma Enzyme Peel or Derma Express ½hr $  79.00
Derma Revitalise Eyes ½hr $  65.00
Rejuve Antiage + LED light + back massage 2hrs $179.00
Tranquil Facial + Back Massage Relax 1½hrs $169.00
Rejuve Antiage + LED 1.5hrs $129.00
Deep Cleanse-Blocked pores, extractions+ LED1hr $115.00
Signature Facial to Hydrate and Soothe1hr $  99.00
Express Facial – Refreshing Pick-me-1/2 hr $  69.00
Eyebrow Shape requested with above treatments, save; $20 $ 19.00
Feet Treat requested with above Facials, save $20 $ 49.00
Complete makeup lesson 1½hrs $169.00
Bridal Makeup / Trial (travel fee additional) $105.00
Special Occasion Makeup ¾hr $  85.00
Student Ball Makeup ½hr $  69.00
Eyelash and brow tint and brow shape ½hr “3 Eyes” $ 65.00
Eyelash tint and shape ½hr $ 59.00
Eyelash tint and brow tint ½hr $ 59.00
Professional brow design ½hr $ 39.00
Eyelash tint ½hr $ 49.00
Eyebrow tint and shape ½hr $ 49.00
Eyebrow tint ¼hr $ 25.00
Eyebrow Retouch/Tidy ¼hr $ 25.00
Top lip bleach ¼hr $ 25.00
Lip and chin bleach ¼hr $ 32.00
Arm Bleach ¼hr $ 45.00
Includes Gamma sterilised titanium
Disposable roller or CIT Pen 1½hrs $  295.00
Course of 6 including 6 x new rollers + 1 x home care roller after 3rd treatment $1595.00
Rejuvenating, smoothing treatment 1 hr $152.00
Introductory first visit 1 hr $  99.00
Buy a Course of 6 x 1 hr $765.00
Consult + 25 minute Rejuvenation treatment $  89.00
Buy a course of 6 x 25 minutes $459.00
OBSERV Consult
Latest diagnostic technology ½hr $  89.00
$50 of Consult fee redeemable on retail home care on the day
Follow –up consult and bespoke care created $  39.00
Hot wax add to price $  12.00
Full leg, under arm and bikini wax 1¼hr $  99.00
Full leg + bikini $  89.00
Full leg wax 1hr $  79.00
¾ leg, under arm and bikini wax 1hr $  95.00
¾ leg and bikini wax 1hr $  85.00
¾ leg and under arm wax 1hr $  79.00
¾ leg wax $  65.00
Half leg + under arm + bikini wax 1hr $  89.00
Half leg +bikini ½hr $  69.00
Half leg + under arm ½hr $  69.00
Half leg wax or arms $  49.00
Specialised Brazilian bikini (all) ¾hr $  75.00
Specialised Hollywood bikini (strip) ½hr $  65.00
Bikini line – extra high ½hr $  49.00
Bikini line wax ½hr $  39.00
Underarm wax ¼hr $  30.00
Lip and chin and brow wax ½hr $  49.00
Lip and chin wax ¼hr $  35.00
Lip or chin or brow wax ¼hr $  25.00
Nape of Neck ¼hr $  49.00
Arms or chest or upper back ½hr $  69.00
Full back & shoulders ¾hr $  79.00
Full leg 1 hr $102.00
Legs, back and chest 1¾hr $179.00
Legs, back, arms and chest 2hr $210.00
Consultation, education and test patch ½hr $ 59.00
¼hr – minimum charge $ 39.00
½hr $ 59.00
Initial consultation + test patch + ¼hr $  89.00
– ½hr $119.00
Swedish full body massage 1½hrs $149.00
Full body Swedish relaxation 1hr $  99.00
Swedish relaxation tension release massage ¾hr $  89.00
Swedish back & neck massage ½hr $  69.00
Excellent for all sports/stressed people
 – ¾hr $ 89.00
Island Retreat         1hr
Back and legs mitt exfoliation + “lomi lomi” massage with warm tropical
oils and body butters
Island Escape       1hr
A heavenly hour of relaxing, skin nourishing massage using warm
tropical exotic oils
Sugar Glow       1hr
An invigorating full body exfoliation using Sugar Rub with fruit enzymes
and body butters. Enjoy the ultimate healthy glow.
Honey Melt       1hr
Transport yourself to a warm tropical paradise. Full body Exfoliation to buff
and smooth, coconut milk and honey masque to nourish the skin whilst
hot stones warm your body.
Blissful massage using hot basalt river stones to relax and unwind $139.00
Reflexology of the feet 1hr $ 99.00
Full professional manicure 1hr $ 79.00
Glam Hands – file, massage, polish ½hr $ 49.00
PEDICURE OF THE FEET (bring sandals)
Deluxe professional pedicure 1hr $ 99.00
Feet-treat: file, paint, massage ½hr $ 69.00
Callus Peel + Feet Treat 1hr $119.00
Callus Peel – removes hard shell off heal of foot ½ hr $  59.00
ISLAND RETREAT 1hr $109.00
Back and leg mitt exfoliation followed by an island “lomi lomi” massage
with warm tropical oils and body butters
Add a stylish shampoo and blow-wave 1½hr $159.00
PAMPER TIME 2hrs $199.00
Our popular luxuriously relaxing one hour body massage plus a one hour Nellie Tier Signature hydrating Facial
BRAVE HEART 2hrs $219.00
When times get tough REAL men relax. Signature Man Face Treatment
½ hour Feet treatment + Back massage
TOP TO TOE 2½hrs $289.00
Signature Facial and specialised back massage with a smoothing half
hour Mitt Glow and gorgeous Feet Treat.
ROYAL LUXURY 4 hours of Bliss $399.00
A Beautiful one hour Signature Facial, a nourishing half hour Glam Hands
plus a relaxing Back and Neck massage, a one hour Professional Pedicure, finishing with a shampoo and stylish blow wave.
Spray Tans – Most popular Full or Half $ 49.00/$35.00
Dry brush exfoliation & spray or cream tan 1hr $ 99.00
As professional Stylists we will blow wave your hair as an assessment to finish.
This is to assess the cut and or the colour before you leave the salon.
We do not endorse clients leaving with a “wet head”.
A complementary relaxing scalp massage included in women’s and men’s styling treatments.
Cut & Ruffle finish (product / dry-off) ½hr $  65.00
Cut & Ruffle finish (product / dry-off) ¾hr $  75.00
Cut & Blow-wave Short Hair ¾hr From $  79.00
Cut & Blow-wave Long Hair 1hr From $  89.00
Restyle Cut + Blow-wave 1¼hr From $129.00
Shampoo & Set using heated rollers $  69.00
Blow-wave Short Hair ½hr $  59.00
Blow-wave Long Hair ¾hr From $  79.00
GHD Styling additional use to complete a service From $  19.00
Cut / Clipper $  49.00
Cut & Ruffle (product + dry-off) $  59.00
Cut & Moustache Trim / Beard, Brows, Ears $  69.00
Restyle From $  69.00
Cut: Up to Year 8 From $  39.00
Cut: Year 9 plus Student ID Cut, Blow-wave ¾hr From $  49.00
Cut & Blow-wave / GHD University student ¾hr From $  69.00
In consultation with your stylist will be selected from Wella Koleston or Illumina or Innosense
Permanent Colour
  Full head From $  99.00 or $112
  Retouch From $  79.00 or $91
Semi Permanent Koleston Colour From $  79.00
Long Hair, per extra tube of colour $  32.00 or $38
Balayage: You may need up to three salon visits to achieve your colour From $175.00 per visit
Extra tube of colour or Specialised Toner Service if required $  32.00 or $38
Piece Foil Work – per foil (up to 6) ½hr Each $  15.00  or $18
¼ head foils ½hr From $  79.00 or $95
Half Head Foils ¾hr From $  99.00 or $119
Full Head Foils 1hr From $149.00 or $179
Permanent Retouch + ½ head foils (saving $20) From $159.00 or $189
Permanent Retouch + ¼ head foils (saving $26) From $135.00 or $162
Permanent Retouch + Full head foils (saving $20) From $179.00 or $239
Long Hair Add per extra solution set $  32.00
Full Head Perm / Straighten From $  99.00
Top Wave From $  79.00
Spiral Perms From $225.00
Keratin Complex
Express Blowout
 – Short Hair ¾hr $130.00
 – Medium Length 1 hour $145.00
 – Long Hair 1¼ hour $180.00
Full Service – Price on consultation and hair density 3 hours From $330 to $675
Bridal hair styling 1hr From $135.00
Special Occasion Hairstyling ¾hr From $  99.00
Student Ball Package – Hair up From $  89.00
GHD Finish to complete the service From $  19.00
Hair up price is determined by time / style and complexity
Additional $25 per ¼hr for hairstyles over 1 hour duration if not pre-quoted

All prices are inclusive of GST
Prices are subject to change within 24 hours notice
We ask that you give 24 hours notice of cancellation or a fee may be charged.
Cancellations and No Show Policy – Less than 12 hours’ notice and no-shows will be charged 50% to recover costs.
Credit card details to be provided for treatments for longer than 2 hours.
Treatment times are for your guidance only.

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We ask please that you give 24 hours notice when cancelling your appointment. No Shows, or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, will be charged at 50% of their appointment cost to recover the costs in salon.

If you are unwell or cannot utilise your set time you may elect to send a friend, a family member or colleague to utilise your appointment time.

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