Restylane Treatment

Natural Beauty Made In Sweden

If you are looking to enhance your looks with a completely natural substance which achieves a visible, long-lasting esthetic result, Restylane is made for you. Whether you’re looking for defined facial contours, fuller lips, or smoothened facial lines, Restylane lets you bring out the best in yourself – instantly and naturally.

What’s more, Restylane allows you flexibility. You can choose to have a single treatment, on your lips for example. Or, you could have your lips treated and lines smoothed out – at the same time. As Restylane degrades over time, you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. You are always in control of your looks – that’s the beauty of Restylane.

Natural on the Inside

Restylane is a crystal-clear gel form of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body. Hyaluronic acid holds water, hydrating and giving volume to the skin. As we get older the production of our natural hyaluronic acid diminishes. A simple injection of Restylane replenishes the lost volume an improves your looks by enhancing your profile, creating fuller lips, and smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

Restylane adds volume to your skin and still leaves your face with a natural expression. Restylane is non-permanent and is absorbed naturally over time. This means that you can choose when to have further treatment to maintain the effect.

Natural on the Outside

In less time than a lunch break, you can have a Restylane treatment and then get on with your usual life. There’s no need for any pre-testing and you’ll see the result instantly. The effect will typically last 6 months to over a year. The length of time Restylane lasts is specific to each individual, and the area treated.

Already, since its launch in 1996, Restylane has been used safely in over 2 million treatments, in more than 70 countries worldwide – so you can be reassured that it has a proven safety track record.


Dermal fillers are used to soften and freshen ones appearance and thereby boost confidence with minimal time required out of your busy lifestyle.

Treatment with Restylane involves an injection technique to correct lines, folds and wrinkles. Restylane can also be used to enhance lips and create a fuller lip. It is relatively safe and simple non-surgical procedure.

Pre-Treatment Requirements

A full medical history will be taken prior to treatment and you will have an opportunity to discuss the treatment in full with the doctor. You will need to complete a consent form before treatment.

  1. Fills out lines, furrows, folds and wrinkles of the face but is not recommended for the eye-lid area
  2. Can be used to enhance and create fuller, more pouting lips
  3. Provides a freshened appearance
Duration of Effect

Treatments need to be repeated approximately twice yearly to maintain the desired effect. After the initial treatment it may be necessary for you to have a second top-up treatment to achieve the desired results. The longevity of the effect depends on the area treated and your skin type.

Adverse Treatment Responses

The common injection related side effects are localized and transient, and may include one or more of the following responses:

  1. Swelling /Redness and/or slight bruising
  2. Occasionally itching, pain/tenderness, or increasing swelling have been noted
  3. Accidental needle placement into or through a blood vessel…temporary skin discoloration and scab formation which may result in a scar
  4. Very small chance of granuloma formation, which may require excision.

DO NOT HAVE treatment if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, have severe multiple allergic reactions or anaphylaxis, or planning or have had laser or deep chemical peels within three months and if you have a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring.