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L.E.D Light Treatment


The basis for this treatment was first researched by NASA and has been accepted as a natural, non-invasive application for many conditions such as acne, fine lines and skincare.

LED Light Treament plumps up aging skin by stimulating cells to boost the collagen and nutrient production that is needed to keep skin looking young, healthy and firm. It is known that over time it produces better results than treatments such as Botox.

Red or Blue Treatment

There are two different colour LED treatments available – red or blue. Each colour is used to treat different conditions.

Red light penetrates the skin tissue, increases circulation which brings more blood to the area. This makes it ideal for treating acne scars, age spots and skin pigmentations, blemishes and redness, sun damage,wrinkles and fine lines as well as tightening and firming the skin.

Blue light is an anti-bacterial treatment that kills the bacteria deep in the skin. This makes treatment of severe acne very successful. It also balances and calms the skin.

LED Light Treatment at Face & Body

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