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Reflexology from Face & BodyToday reflexology refers to a method of treatment whereby reflex points in the feet are massaged in a particular way to bring about an effect in areas of the body quite distant from the feet. There are also similar reflex points to be found in the hands, which may also be used for treatment, but where possible it is preferable to work on the foot reflexes since the response is better. Reflexology is derived from what was originally known as ‘zone therapy’, a term which is sometimes still used. There is, however, a slight difference in the two methods as a study of the history of the method will show.

History Of The Method

The origins of reflexology date back at least 5000 years when the Chinese were known to have practised a from of pressure therapy with a basis similar to that of acupuncture. The ancient Egyptians were also known to be using similar methods in about 3000 BC as illustrated from tomb drawings where the feet were being held and massaged in a particular way.

The first real advancement of zone therapy can, however, be attributed to an American physician and surgeon from Connecticut called Dr William H. Fitzgerald. In 1913, Dr Fitzgerald commenced his research into the method of healing which he termed zone therapy. At the time he was head of the Nose and Throat department of the St. Francis Hospital in Hartford and was well respected as a medical surgeon and physician.

Reflexology from Face & BodyThe art of zone therapy initially involved the application of pressure to bony prominences throughout the body, especially the joints of the hands and feet and particularly the phalanges (bones of fingers and toes). The amount of pressure necessary to alleviate pain was such that it was firm enough to elicit a certain amount of bearable pain but not severe enough to damage any underlying tissues.

Many examples of Dr Fitzgerald’s work could be given and he particularly would give instances of treating headaches, eye problems, goitres, fibroids in the uterus, breast lumps and breathing problems – all responding well to this therapy. It was stated that pressure therapy was effective in 65 to 75 per cent of all the cases treated and this was a high success rate.

Reflexology has developed from the initial practice of zone therapy and in present times most practitioners of the method will concentrate on treating by massage to the reflex areas in the fee. The reflexes in the hands may also be used in some instances but generally those reflexes in the feet are considered more responsive.

See a diagram which shows the different zones in the foot – from underneath and from side on.

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