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Dermal Micro-Needling is non-surgical and non-ablative treatment resulting in:

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  • Skin is thickened and elasticity restored
  • Acne scarring and minor scarring is reduced
  • Pigmentation marks are lightened
  • Stretch marks are improved
  • Hair Loss Therapy
  • Pore size reduction

The most natural way to regain youthful appearance without the use of chemicals, lasers or surgery.

Smoother, Tighter Younger Looking Skin For YOU!

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Get to know the 'Nellie Tier' New Zealand Aromatherapy Skin Care Range
"At NELLIE TIER we don't send our products out to be made by contract manufacturers. We source our raw ingredients from around the world and every apsect of production from formulation to packaging takes place in our Morningside factory here in Auckland. We designed this botanical range, we know what's in it and we make it ourselves, BY HAND of course!"
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Try the "Wob" with a subtle Ombre.
We've had the bob and the lob, and now another shoulder-skimming style has landed - the wob (or the wavy bob) is a lesson in sexy, effortless hair for the party season ahead. Create the wob your way with Wella Professionals Care & Style range!
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Our Clients and Friends can say more about us than we ever could. Read what they have to say:

Rachel is amazing. The only time I EVER get to relax is when she is giving me her most fabulous scalp massage!

Hi, just wanted to tell you I had my first appointment with Sue yesterday. She was amazing! Put me at ease and very lovely lady.

Hi there!
I saw Cam the other week for a hair cut and just wanted to pass on my thanks in writing. I mentioned to her that my hair had felt really greasy lately, and was talking to her about options to bring it right. When I mentioned that my money probably wouldnt stretch to doing both a new shampoo and conditioner, she was really understanding and recommended that the shampoo would have the
biggest effect - so I left with some of your SP Luxeoil Keratin Shampoo.
Damn. It has made the biggest difference. My hair no longer has that greasy feel when I blow-dry it. And it smells wonderfull/feels great/has kept its shape such that I only wash it every 2 or 3 days.
So thank you! I really dislike when sales staff do routine-like pitches for products, but Cam was just nice and chatty and helpful :)

Hi there,
Could you also please pass on to Margaret and the lovely staff who stayed with me that day of the storm (and gave me a massage with no power) whilst I was waiting for the hubby. That was a true act of kindness and for a mumma with a couple of hours "me" time you truly made a wonderful and reenergizing experience to bounce back with my wee girl. Thanks again lovely women xx

Good Morning Margaret
Just a note of thanks.
Your random act of kindness, really made my day.
I went in on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the luxury of having my nails done. Sue made a really nice job, and is so lovely with the clients.
Now with my rocking red nails, I'm ready to head to Australia, and be reunited with my old friend, and yes it's been thirty five years since I've seen her!
Thank you for being part of this journey.
Kind regards
Julie Buchanan

Dear Margaret
We are writing to express our gratitude for the gifts for our Clients.
As you can imagine, Christmas can be a difficult time, with financial pressures putting a huge strain on families. We truly appreciate donations like yours that bring a smile to the faces of our clients.
Family Action is a not for profit organisation that offers refuge, outreach and counselling for those who have experienced abuse, trauma and Family Violence.
We provide a caring confidential place where people can talk about issues that affect their relationships, themself, family violence, abuse and issues for children.
Our continued operation is reliant on the generosity of people and organisations like Face and Body and we thank you again for thinking of us.
Michelle Clayton
Chief Executive Officer
Family Action

Dear Margaret & Staff,
Thank you very much for the Around Waiheke Wine Tour, which I won at the 21st Birthday of Face & Body in October in 2012.
We collected our tickets for the ferry no problem. They were waiting at Matiatia for us. The winery's we went to were Peacock Sky, where we had a wine tasting and lovely lunch, then on to Batch which is a new winery we were the first wine tour to go there. They showed us around the winery. Then on to the Baroona where you can play volley ball, petanque, chess and archery also taste wine and beer also a restaurant. We enjoyed them all and we would recommend this tour to anyone.
Thank you once again
Patricia and Jack
February 2013

Thank you so much Margaret - for my complimentary hair cut. You are such a sweety. Honestly I cannot thank you enough for getting me back on track with my hair.
Rachael did an amazing job; and I am coming back next week for a colour and foils (just like the old days).
And you will not believe this ... straight from Face & Body, I went to the supermarket and the man in there said 'Hello Beautiful' - (he was talking to me) - I couldn't believe it - made my day.
My dermal needling treatment with Andrea the other day was amazing as well - I have been religiously using my new skincare products. And am very excited to see amazing results.
Thank you again Margaret - I am so pleased I made the appointment to come in and get back on track with taking care of ME.
So exciting.
Kindest regards and thanks

It's easy to endorse a company such as Face and Body with such great core beliefs, world class service, fantastic leadership and always moving forward so clients always feel valued and appreciated. I love the way your team welcome everybody and also just as important how everyone farewells everyone, now thats stylie.

Inspiration strikes as you drive past Face & Body because there is always a catchy little saying on the roadside blackboard to remind you of the importance of regular pampering. I for one am hooked! Most recently I popped into Titirangi's Face & Body beauty therapy clinic and hairdressing salon to pick up a voucher for a girlfriends birthday pressie, even the voucher and packaging looks indulgent. Now that summer is here the windows are usually open so being surrounded by bush you can hear the cicadas while the team do their magic treatment on you. Whenever I walk out it's like I'm walking on air, thanks team for delivering my beauty fix.

Hi Margaret,
Today Andrea gave me a facial. Your staff are all good but her service was really special. She explained each feature of the treatment and her massage felt wonderful- masterful and empathetic. For example I noticed she timed some of her strokes to the rhythm of my breathing. I still feel fabulous now!
Just a quick note to say how much i enjoyed the service at F & B yesterday. I was served by two ladies who were so kind and wonderfully professional, infact all staff i heard interacting with visitors and each other, as i moved from down to upstairs were the same. Its a pleasure to visit there. Cheers for the very relaxing and enjoyable experience. :) maria

Good Morning team,
I just wanted to say a quick Thank-you to you all for the fantastic service!! I was due to have my hair coloured last Thursday evening with Tony, and unfortunately he fell sick. We changed the appointment around, which was absolutely fine with me. When I arrived the next Monday to my appointment with Lacrescia, I was greeted by the lovely Margaret, who was very apologetic for having to move the appointment around. (She even gave some goodies to take home, which I absolutely love!!) It was the first time in a long time that I truly felt like valued client. My experience was absolutely lovely! I was offered tea whilst I waited, and I love love love my new hair! Thanks Lacrescia! It was definitely the perfect way to end a busy work day :) Lastly, as I was to busy adoring my hair, I left my jacket behind. I made a quick phone call, as I was unable to make it over to pick it up, and this morning, the courier delivered my jacket to me. The service I have received from you all has been amazing! The effort you all make for your clients to make the feel welcome and comfortable pays off. Whenever I arrive, no matter how busy you all are, there are always smiles, laughter and a quick chat. Again, I just wanted to say a big thankyou to you all, and keep it up! It\'s nice to say that I have found \"my\" salon.
Kerrie xx

Hi Margaret
Just got back from our "mini-moon" to Wellington, which was lovely. 
Thank you so much to you, Tony, Jacqueline and Lisa for looking after us on my wedding day and making us all feel so special!
It turned out to be a lovely day/evening.
Thank you also for sending the wedding photos you took that morning. I'll be sure to send you some of the ones from later on our wedding  day.
Many thanks again

Dear Face and Body
I have been a customer for several years now and would like to express my admiration for your company.
In particular, my great appreciation for the wonderful personal care and attention I receive whenever I visit Lacrescia.

It is comforting to return to her, as she delivers the same reliable excellent professional service every time.
I have come to treasure her genuine, relaxed, friendly, fun, warm personality and she always looks gorgeous.
It is a real pleasure to see her every few weeks and I have been her loyal follower for almost a decade now.
I look forward to continuing for another decade.
Kind Regards
Dr. Richard Gee

I was at your clinic this morning for a facial with Lisa – and it was fabulous!
Thanks so much.

Hi There,
I would just like to take the time out to thank Natalie for all the great service I receive from her. I’ve been to face n body a couple of times now and every time I get Natalie she is always such a happy character, she does a very very good job of my eyebrows (as they were such a mess when I first came in) she has got them looking great!
I thoroughly enjoy coming into face and body and I will continue to put my trust into Natalie’s reliable hands. I think face and body should cherish her greatly as she is fantastic at what she does and has the best people skills I have come across.
Thank-you Natalie and thank you Face and Body.
Kind Regards

Another Pat On The Back for the Face & Body Team…
Secondly, I thought you would like to know I had some fantastic feedback about your salon yesterday. One of my clients, a salon owner from the Northland region was recently down in Auckland visiting friends and staying in Titirangi, so she booked in at Face & Body for a colour… Heres what she had to say…

“I had a really good experience, I really enjoyed it, and was really impressed by the salon, the consultation was great, it was very professional, the salon was clean, there was a really good vibe, everyone was happy and I love my colour.”
“I thought the receptionist was fantastic, they answered the phone straight away, and very professionally, it was great”
“I usually have an 8/11 KP but the hairdresser suggested a change and I went an 8/38 KP and actually really love it”
“the hairdresser was great and I really enjoyed the whole experience”
“The only one thing, its not a criticism but a suggestion, I wasn’t asked for a treatment and I would have had one had it been suggested or I had been asked as my hair was quite dry and damaged at the time”

It was really pleasing to get this kind of feedback, and I know you will share it with your team and give credit where credit is due, because it is one thing to get this kind of positive feedback from a client but somewhat scarce to get it from another hairdresser let alone salon owner. Keep up the great work!
Kind regards
Beau Nicholson

Hello Margaret
I just wanted to extend a personal thank you to you.
My daughter Lauren spent some time with you and one of your staff yesterday afternoon, finding all about a career in beauty therapy and Lauren was full of enthusiasm when she was telling me about it last night. She is quite a quiet girl so it was refreshing to hear her speak so positively. She mentioned your name and I have heard of you before and know that your business has won many awards in the past.
I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak with Lauren as she now has a clear picture of what she needs to do, if she wishes to pursue a career in that direction.
I have many students come for work experience in my business and it is great to give them that opportunity.
Thanks and regards

I would just like to let you know that I had my hair done by Amy yesterday, a semi permanent colour and cut, and it is the best service I have had ever. My cut was perfect as well as my colour and she was very understanding as to what I wanted done and didnt try to put words in my mouth.
Thank you very much.!

I would like to thank Evelyn for the best haircut I have ever received. The style and shape are excellent and she listened and cut my hair exactly the way I asked and provided great suggestions too. She is a true asset to your team. This was my first visit to Face & Body and will certainly not be my last.
Kind regards

Dear Margaret
Thanks to super Sally from The Pr Shop I was able to go to Face and Beauty Titirangi this morning for a facial – and I feel I absolutely need to tell you both about my experience.
Never – not even when I lived in Paris -  have I come across such fabulous service – your team are a credit to you.  Bridie looked after me and was lovely – she even resisted telling me off when she learned of my current skin care routine (that would be the non-existant one).  I loved the rooms, I loved the bed (having it heated was wonderful as I loathe being even slightly cold....)The music with the sounds of the sea playing underneath was perfect – as a water lover I found it really soothing and relaxing.  The product were lovely and my skin feels wonderful.
Back upstairs the girls – Bridie and Jasmine -  showed me the products, gave me the benefits but there was no “you have to buy this” feeling – I did buy some product but with my budget it will be a gradual process and it was wonderful to not have to explain, argue or flatly refuse to buy anything else. Products just discreetly went back on the shelf.
Bridie did ask did I want to rebook and when I said no I would do it from the office she didn’t bat an eyelid.  So please tell her that was not a fob off – I WILL be returning, I simply have a ridiculous schedule and need to have a laptop and diary in front of me before committing to any appointments.  Ask Sally – she’ll tell you.
I was so impressed I am going to write two reviews –one for BtoB and one for my own website and will be giving you a plug on Twitter and Facebook.
Thank you both – and Margaret – please tell your team, I am a hard sell and I was totally bowled over.

Hi Margaret
Thanks for the opportunity to work with you and your team. You're doing amazing work and I do consider it an honour and privilege to be of service to such a fine organisation.  Best wishes to you all in your continuing journey to the fulfillment of your vision and aspirations.
Kind regards,

Margaret & all your team,
You know how to look after a girl when she needs it most! You are all very professional, talented at what you do & lovely people. Margaret - I really appreciate your support.
MP for Waitakere!

Oh how lovely  a gift voucher   – thank you – what a lovely treat.
I actually used to be a reasonably frequent customer more than 10 years ago now. How I loved the back and neck massages I used to get at least once a month. I was part of a plan to reduce stress and get some ‘me’ time to relax so I could get pregnant (a difficult journey). Needless to say I was eventually successful and the subsequent two children have now made me so broke that such wonderful treats are a very much missed thing of the past.
Thanks again,
Kind regards
A Thrilled Client

Titirangi Primary SchoolOn behalf of the Titirangi Primary School, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the PTA Midwinter Christmas Dinner Fundraiser held last weekend.
We had a very successful and enjoyable evening.
Your support enabled the PTA to raise close to $2,000 towards new e-Learning programmes for the children at the school. This result would not have been possible without your contribution.
Yours sincerely
Gary Principal

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our recent Pamper PArty for the community mums. The mum who won it was delighted and no doubt will be in to see you!
All God's Blessings
Church of the Saviour

Just wanted to say thank you yet again for a lovely visit (I had a facial and back massage); Julie is consistently fantastic and I always feel completely relaxed with her. I now have my hair done at Face & Body and Rebecca is a gem! It's great to feel welcome with every visit and the team is very friendly, especially Margaret. Keep up the great work, it is no wonder you've won the awards.
Best regards

Dear Margaret & Team
On behalf of my daughter Sarah Cairns and myself we would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for the wonderful care and attention shown to all of us on Saturday 10 September 2005 (Sarah's wedding day).
Sarah was so pleased with her hair and we wish to pass on our grateful thanks to Rebecca for her expertise. It can be a stressful day for a bride but Sarah left the salon feeling confident that her hair and make-up would compliment her beautiful gown she wore, and it did.
My grand-daughter Tayla has long hair and has lots of it, but Rebecca managed to get it all up and Tayla looked like a wee princess on the day.
And to you Margaret, you made us all feel very special with our make-up and particularly my mum-in-law whom you looked after superbly. She came away looking stunning for a lady of her age and the rest of the family said how lovely she looked. When we get some photos we will certainly let you have a look at your wonderful work.
Once again - our sincere thanks to you all for your excellent service. I can understand why your business won the Waitakere Business Awards, Excellence in Service. Keep up the good work.
Kindest Regards
Julie, Sarah & Family

I decided to make an appointment and treat myself for my birthday, it was well worth the drive from the North Shore and just wanted to say how I thought that Dyanna did such a great job she was not only professional but she was also friendly and happy at the same time which is quite rare these days. I am now going to consider taking the extra drive time and becoming a regular client it is so hard to find a therapist that makes you feel so comfortable and special, she definitely loves her job you can tell!!!
Kind regards

To Margaret Walsh
I have been coming to Face and Body for a couple of years now and it is always an enjoyable experience. In fact I always look forward to it.
I just wanted to express how impressed I am with one of your staff members. Sara is professional, friendly, always gives excellent advice on procedures and products and I am always happy with the result of the treatment at each visit.
I have happily recommended your place of business to my friends, family and work colleagues and have also advised how wonderful Sara is.
I would also like to take this opportunity to express my delight at your customer loyalty card. Having this loyalty card is much appreciated and makes me want to come back many times. This is also one of the reasons that I have stopped going to my regular hairdresser and have starting coming to Face and Body. I also find your prices to be a lot cheaper than the big named hairdressing salons that I used to go to.
I hope you pass my comments onto Sara as it’s always good to get feedback – especially when it’s positive.
Thanks for your time.Kind regards

Dear Margaret
I I regularly visit Face & Body and at my latest appointment I had the pleasure again of a free treatment.
I would like to say a big thank you for these "little treats" that I have received from Face & Body. They are very unexpected, but are greatly appreciated. With these "little treats" I have the chance to experience new and different treatments that I would not normally make an appointment for, but I will be certain to include them in one of my future visits.
I also wish to take the opportunity to say what a wonderful consultant Julie Davies is. I always make my appointments to fit in with her schedules. Julie always has a smile on her face, even if she has been working non stop all day and she makes me feel so comfortable, more like a friend coming to visit than another client.
My husband keeps saying that Face & Body is my most favourite place to visit and he is not wrong there!
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Julie or Face & Body to anybody I know.
Keep up the wonderful work.
Yours faithfully
Caroline Karton

I can highly recommend Face & Body the staff are always friendly, helpful and make a really efficient team that make any visit to Face & Body well worth while.
Yours sincerely
Marguerite Smith

Dear Margaret and Staff,
Two and a half years ago I left the North Shore and moved out to Laingholm. It was a big decision for me to change my hairdresser at that time after some fourteen years. However, on visiting Face & Body I decided to try something new. I have had wonderful professional care of not only my hair but some beauty therapy and of course the sun beds. I am a regular now and I think manage to visit once a fortnight. My hair has never felt better and the colour is great. Each time I have had beauty therapy I have been impressed by the expertise provided by the staff. Your sun tanning beds are always kept in top condition.
What has impressed me most is the innovation in this Salon. Margaret you have brought into your business many new and exciting products after you have fully researched these. It is inspiring to know that through your commitment to growth you are providing such wonderful choices for your clients. It is exciting as a woman to have the opportunity to experience the latest technologies for improvement of our face and body. Margaret - you put your money where your mouth is and I admire that.
I look forward to using your new services in the future and needless to say - although I have now returned to live on the North Shore I have chosen to still remain a client of Face & Body.
So thank you.
Kind regards,

Pure Indulgence from my nose to my toes !
That's what I love about Face & Body.
For over 10 years I have delighted in their expertise and personalized services.
This talented team are always updating and 'extending' - be it their knowledge, equipment, beauty & hair products or the premises.
They understand so clearly what a gal wants and needs.
Face & Body is a unique and refreshing culture, one that consistently delivers and delights.
Vicki Hall.....Titirangi, Auckland.

I have been visiting Face & Body now for several years. I have always found the service friendly and professional. The staff have good product knowledge - which helps when there is so much to choose from.
Because I am a regular client I can earn bonus treatments just by being organised i.e.. rebooking future appointments.
Both my 2 year old and 5 year old children have their hair styled by the same wonderful hairdresser - he's just great with the kids.
I'm happy to recommend Face & Body to you.
Miriam Rea

Face & Body in Titirangi Road is one of those important little places I can’t live without. Hair stylists to make me presentable, beauty therapists to help make me relax and massage therapists to keep my body moving. Every visit is a chance for a chat with staff who make me feel more like a friend than a client. Every visit scores 11 out of 10.
Lynette Cook

Face & Body aims to make all our clients feel special. So why not drop by and treat yourself.