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Wow – These are running out the door !

AHIMSA (pronounced uh-him-sa) is the philosophy of Compassion, Kindness and Nonviolence.
This beautiful philosophy forms the basis of our New Zealand brand of NATURAL, VEGAN and CRUELTY-FREE Lipsticks.

The symbol of the brand is a majestic Lioness; representing all women who stand in their own truth and embrace their inner strength.
AHIMSA Lipsticks are made using the finest Natural Ingredients and contain NO nasty chemicals, toxins or parabens. Purchase your AHIMSA Lipstick today at Face&Body here in Titirangi! $29 !


Special Occasion Hair & Make-Up
Perfect for the Ball Season and any special event you may have.
Book in with our team to help you look super glam!
These looks are created by our talented team!

Everyone deserves a Good Hair Day.
Introducing the new ghd gold® professional styler – proven to deliver sleeker, smoother and healthier looking hair*. Achieve your good hair day every day!
RRP $350.00

Featuring dual-zone technology for a premium performance, ghd gold® has two next generation heat sensors, one across each plate to control the optimum styling temperature of 185ºC constantly and evenly from root to tip.

The ghd gold® styler also features an improved heat-up time of 25 seconds, sleek design and round barrel delivering versatile, snag-free styling, quickly and easily so you can transform your every day.

***Use our in-store LAYBUY payment system to purchase a set now!




Real Science. Real Results.

What is Olaplex?
Olaplex is a groundbreaking, scientifically designed product that has allowed hairdressers worldwide to push boundaries and achieve outstanding results in shorter timeframes WITHOUT compromising the hair.
How does Olaplex work?
There is a very technical way of explaining, by that’s not so great for you and I. Instead we’ll think of every individual strand of hair as if it were a ladder.
A perfect hair has all it’s rungs intact.
These rungs are di-sulfide bonds.
Each day of our lives, we compromise these rungs and therefore the structural integrity of our ladder, simply by living life.
Sad, but true. Environmental conditions, heated appliances, colouring and even just shampooing our hair causes our rungs to be broken.
As each rung (di-sulfide bond) is broken, we are left with two single sulfides. These will then turn on our hair like nasty little Pac-Men and feast away on our very important amino acids. This leaves the internal structure weak and damaged.
No amount of external treatment can repair this damage. It can help the outside of our hair, but not the inside.
This is where Olaplex comes in to save the day. It gets into the hair and hunts down the single sulphides and re-couples them, reforming our all important di-sulfide bonds. This of course repairs our ladders rungs, so we can once again climb to new heights.
Can anyone use Olaplex?
Olaplex can be used in all colour services, except when grey coverage is your specific goal. Aside from that, it can be used in any hair type.
There are different options for using Olaplex.
*A full service includes #1 in your colour/straight into dry or damp hair.
And is then followed by #2 and left for at least 15-20 minutes.
*The ideal finish to this is #3 which you use at home.
*This full service costs $89 or without the take home is $69.
*You can also come and have an express service which is #2 and costs $40.
*You are also able to purchase the at home #3 in salon for $55.
There are so many good reasons to make Olaplex a part of your life.
I’ve had a number of clients who use it simply because they love that it makes their hair more dense due to the structural integrity being repaired.
Blondes can be lighter and brighter now, because the damage can be repairing as we go instead of trying to fix it after the fact.
Hair that is structurally sound will hold on to colour far better, and it will look generally shinier and healthier.
Who doesn’t need that?
It’s pretty simply really. Just talk to us when you next visit and we can see how Olaplex can work for you!

We welcome RYAN to our team of talented stylists at Face&Body Titirangi!
Ryan has been in Industry for six years and has an enthusiastic and passionate approach to his Stylist career.

Ryan is a local Titirangi/ Glen Eden resident and is enjoying not battling traffic to get to work -He works Tuesday to Saturday and has Tuesday & Thursday late nights until 8pm avaliable for you.

Call Shannon on Reception 09-817 4807 to book an appointment with Ryan

Busy bees ! 2019 Seminar was a resounding success!
Our VIP clients said : “ Best Seminar yet”, “loved the interactive nature “, We learnt so much”, “Such fabulous deals on your treatment courses- put my name down for everything!”

Our Clients loved the gifts from our suppliers #beautycare #dermaviduals #coola #hairjoi #joico #bestow #Revitalash #nellietier #purefiji #ahisma #face_and_body_titirangi for the amazing Gift Voucher!

Thankyou to Jason Hall from #hairjoi Joico NZ for attending in person.

Thank you for the support and the positive approach you all shared on the night at the “ Behind the Scenes “ EXPO!

You asked we actioned.
Laybuy is now available at Face & Body.
Buy now pay later – ask us how we can assist you when your purchasing with us.

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