Eye Care

Often referred to as the window to our soul, our eyes are the focal point of our face and help to give its own special beauty. This fragile, delicate area is often the first area to show our general state of health from external aggressors to internal disorders which can result in the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and dehydration which leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Latest Research From Paris Shows Us That:
    • The aging process begins around the age’s 20-25
    • Dark circles appear at around age 18
    • Wrinkles and puffiness appear at around age 30
    • The eyelids blink every 6 seconds
    • The skin of the eye contour:
      • loses 6% of its thickness every 10 years
      • is 5 times thinner than the rest of the face
      • there are sebaceous glands independent of hair follicles that open directly onto the skins surface,
        the majority being inactive.
How And Why Do These Conditions Occur?

Wrinkles and their development can be due to a number of sources, some of the more common reasons are due to the skin of the eye contour being very fine and fragile, the 10,000 or more blinks per day, repeated contractions of the muscles for example smiling, the skin becomes dryer, diminished collagen production, a reduction microcirculation, smoking, UV rays and squinting all these factors increase the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Loose Skin results from a reduction in the support network in the skin, collagen production slows down and the elastin fibres become disorganised. The skin becomes thin looses it’s elasticity and slackens.

There are two main causes of Puffiness:
  1. Water Retention where excess fluid in the tissues and the accumulation of lymph is linked to slowing circulation. This condition is common at night when lying down as muscular activity (which moves lymph along) and microcirculation slows down. Re-establishing hydration and stimulating microcirculation will improve this condition.
  2. Squinting, or blinking and general eye movements can cause small fat clusters or small cushions of fat which are located behind the eyeball to move down and form small protrusions or eye bags. The fine delicate skin under the eyes is incapable of holding it back. This type of puffiness is generally heredity, and becomes worse with age and the loss of skin firmness. Surgery is the best option for this form of eye puffiness.

Dark circles are not linked to ageing but poor blood and lymphatic circulation, and is a condition seen in people with a more olive skin tone. circles appear mainly in the corner of the eye as this is where circulation starts. When circulation is bad, the pigments in charge of toxins build up in the connective tissue. As the skin is very fine and often transparent, the dilated veins become more visible. There are various reasons as to why this occurs, one of the main culprits is smoking as it affects blood circulation, other factors include hereditary, renal and thyroid problems and conditions that can aggravate the conditions are fatigue, dehydration, stress, allergies, caffeine and hormone replacement and oral contraceptives.