Permanent Hair Removal By Electrolysis

In Electrolysis is the method of permanent hair removal. As the name implies, this method uses an electric current to destroy the root of each individual hair. As hair is a very strong structure it is not possible to totally destroy the root with one treatment only. Permanency is only progressively achieved as too high a current will cause scarring. It is therefore normal to expect regrowth for a certain length of time. Each case is entirely individual and many factors decide the ultimate length of time it takes to “cure” a case. These include:

  • The type of hair (fine or coarse)
  • Skin type (dry, moist or sensitive)
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Frequency and length of treatments
  • The extent of the problem
  • Hereditary factors
  • Whether any medication is involved
  • Extent of client “plucking” of hair

Our therapists offer a test patch and a consultation service at which time the client’s case can be assessed, the treatments can be fully explained and the client can ask any questions. Electrolysis is a complex subject and requires knowledge, skill, accuracy, integrity and experience on the part of the therapist.

The technique of electrolysis involves inserting a fine conducting probe into the hair follicle, alongside the hair. The current is then applied for 2-10 seconds during which time the cells forming the root of the hair are destroyed. The hair is then lifted out with tweezers. Remaining cells that have not been destroyed will form a new hair which will again be treated. Gradually the hair will become slower growing, fairer and finer and finally will cease to re-appear altogether. It should be understood however, that only hairs that already exist can de destroyed but new growth cannot be prevented from forming if an individual is genetically predisposed to excess hair growth or if there is a hormonal imbalance. In such cases the problem can only be controlled by electrolysis treatments. Medical advice and help should also be sought.

After Care Advice Post-Electrolysis
  • Must apply an antiseptic gel to the area 3 times a day for 3 days – use a fresh cotton bud each time to apply the gel.
  • Do not swim in public pools as the area could get infected.
  • Do not heat the area excessively in the first 3 days with:
    • Spa baths
    • Sun Rays, Sun beds – always wear sun-block
    • Hot Showers
    • Busy Physical Exercise
  • Picking and touching will introduce a cross infection and the area could scar as it heals.
  • Leave the little “brown tops” or scabs on the area as they are encouraging complete healing. If you pick them off you may be left with scar tissue!