30 Plus

30 Plus NuWoman is a scientifically formulated women’s health supplement that has helped countless New Zealand women since it was launched in 2003.

30 Plus NuWoman was developed for Lisa Curry, the Australian Olympian swimming champion, who suffered with oestrogen dominance. A leading naturopath spent more than two years adjusting the formulae and concentrations of the active ingredients to create 30 Plus NuWoman. At the time Lisa was in her early 30s, hence the name, but the product is ideal for women of all ages.

30 Plus NuWoman is the number one natural hormonal balance support brand in New Zealand.

Women need to maintain a delicate hormonal balance to ensure good health and wellbeing. When the two major female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, become imbalanced a range of symptoms can present themselves, such as mood swings, anxiety, stress, weepiness, uncontrolled anger, irritability, emotional outbursts, sugar cravings, lack of energy, sleep issues and loss of personal identity.

Generally women will notice a change after taking 30 Plus NuWoman for between 2-12 weeks, but everyone is different. Women are encouraged to stay on the product for at least 12 weeks before fully assessing whether it is right for them.