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Surmanti Eco-Soy Candles

Face and Body are proud stockists of Maxim Titters range of these exquisite Eco-Soy Candles.

Each of these candles have  well over 50 hours burn time. They burn cleaner, don’t emit petroleum toxins and lasts an average of 3 times longer than paraffin wax. Are 100% vegetable made with pure soybean and botanical oils. Are all natural, biodegradable and kosher certified. Are FREE of petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products. Are FREE of pesticides, herbicides, toxic material and genetically modified material. Are clean burning. No more nasty chemicals in the air you breathe. Are NOT tested on animals. Are made and handcrafted in New Zealand.

Uniquely packaged in an elegant black airtight glass jar (as heat, sunlight and air are detrimental to the chemistry and effectiveness of natural products) Adorned with a gold Surmanti “signature “coin.

Housed in a matte black luxury tube with gold hot stamping and a gold embossed Surmanti “signature” coin.

Available in Salon – Call in to collect yours now or collect one to gift to a friend or colleague. If you would like it “shoosed “ with cellophane we will happily do this for you – Just ask.

Surmanti – A piece of New Zealand

New Zealand’s Surmanti Creator ; Maxim Titter says ; “Surmanti is a visual, tactile and olfactory compilation of beauty, wellness and healing products paired to perfection with Mother Nature’s finest, natural and organic ingredients.

Our products are FREE from nasty chemicals. No Solvent Extracted Oils. No Mineral Oils. No Lauryl or Lauretha Sulphate. No PEGs. No Parabens. No SLS. No Dyes. No Artificial Colouring. No Animal Ingredients or Animal Testing. Our products are crafted in New Zealand, made fresh in small batches using ingredients in their pure, raw state, preserving the rich vitamins, minerals and active properties within.

We are passionate about the preservation and sustainability of our planet. Our packaging is recyclable. We package FRESH in recyclable air tight black glass and food grade aluminum as heat, light and air all have a detrimental effect on the chemistry and effectiveness of natural products.

We don’t use chemicals to extend shelf life; we rely on freshness and great packaging. “