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Customised Skin Care Regime with dermaviduals now available at Face & Body

Dermaviduals is a customised dermatological skin care solution that has been designed to optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent the premature ageing process.

The products are free of emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines. What is becoming increasingly apparent in today’s advanced skin care world is that it is not necessarily the active ingredients that make a good formulation, but what the active agents are enscapsulated within that truly creates a skin care product with a point of difference.

Dermatological skin care with an accurate and responsive delivery system – we offer no hype just results.

Dermaviduals Skin Care

Dermaviduals® is a customised skincare. We create for you, your unique custom formulations, combining proprietary ingredients into one personalised mixture to accomodate your distinct skin needs.

Dermaviduals® Skin Care line is based on the science of restoring and maintaining healthy skin, a concept called corneotherapy.

Dermaviduals® products are composed of pure natural ingredients. They smooth the skin, reduce appearance of scarring and pigmentation, prevent accelerated aging and calm the skin.

Derma Advanced Treatment

Includes a OBSERV skin consultation to create a bespoke advanced super skin treatment designed to address your particular skin concerns, whether you want your treatment to focus on anti-aging, pigmentation, hyper-sensitive skin, acne. We carefully choose ingredients to bespoke serums and masks for maximum results.

1 Hour 15 min

Derma eye-zone boost

No matter what your skin care concerns, this enzyme peel guarantees exceptional results every time.

30 min

Derma Enzyme Express Treatment

Bespoke skin treatment using a natural fruit driven enzyme blend of pineapple an papaya enzymes, treatment is designed to remove unwanted skin cells, improve your skin texture and tone as well as helping with congested skin. Leaving your skin soft, supple and hydrated.

45 min
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Aromatherapy skin care

Nellie Tier is a New Zealand made, all natural hand blended range using the finest vegetable oils and botanical extracts and combine them with rich nut butters, pure flower hydro-sols, vitamins aloe vera, manuka honey and pure essential oil. Perfume and paraben free.

Signature Aromatherapy Facial

Includes in room skin consult, deep ex-foliation Hydrating mask will give your skin a burst of plumpness with a relaxing aromatherapy facial and neck massage to finish. This is the perfect gift.

1 Hour

Mini Lux Facial

Delivering what your skin needs utilising cosmeceutical care within a concentrated time frame along with a little pampering.

30 min

Tier for Teens Facial

Formulated for oily, congested and clogged skin. If you suffer form enlarged pores, black heads and milia (white bumps), this fast track service gets straight into it. Rich in herbal infusions, botanical extracts, healing vitamins and pure essential these products have been carefully formulated to heal, nourish and support young skin.

45 min

Facial add ons

Tier for Teens Facial


Add on eyelash tint to any facial


Add on LED light treatment to any facial


Add on wash and blow wave to any facial


Add on derma eye-zone


Eye Works

For Brighting and enhancing your beautiful eye area.

Eyelash tint


Eyebrow tint


Eyebrow shape


Eye Combos

Eyelash tint + Eyebrow Shape and Tint


Eyebrow Shape + Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash tint + Eyebrow tint / or Eyebrow shape

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LED Light Treatment

The basis for this treatment was first researched by NASA and has been accepted as a natural, non-invasive application for many conditions such as acne, fine lines and skincare.

LED Light Treatment plumps up dull lifeless and sagging skin by stimulating cells to boost the collagen and nutrient production that is needed to keep skin looking young, healthy and firm. It is known that over time it produces better results than treatments such as Botox.

Red or Blue Treatment

There are two different colour LED treatments available – red or blue. Each colour is used to treat different conditions.

Red light penetrates the skin tissue, increases circulation which brings more blood to the area. This makes it ideal for treating acne scars, age spots and skin pigmentations, blemishes and redness, sun damage ,wrinkles and fine lines as well as tightening and firming the skin.

Blue light is an anti-bacterial treatment that kills the irritating bacteria deep in the skin’s hair follicles. This makes treatment of severe acne very successful. It also balances and calms the skin.

LED Light Treatment

We use Celluma LED light therapy machines. LED light therapy treatments are scientifically proven to produce clearer, brighter, younger-looking skin. LED is proven to stimulate cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue repair, creating glowing complexions, evening out skin tone, anti-inflammatory, treats rosacea, fine lines, and causes cell regeneration. Red lights regenerate. Blue lights deal to acne skin, and wound healing, scarring.


Stimulates the body’s own cellular mechanisms by photomodulation.

  • Not a laser or an IPL so no heat, no side effects, no downtime.
  • Non invasive, safe therapy
  • Relaxing and calming experience.
  • Quick service of 30 minutes
25 min
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Dermal Micro-Needling

Dermal Micro-Needling has been utilised at Face & Body for four years now in 2017

It is Tops in stimulating Collagen production. Also No. 1 for Results, Low cost, Low risk, Low pain. Dermal Micro-Needling is non-surgical and non-ablative treatment resulting in the most natural way to regain youthful appearance without the use of chemicals, lasers or surgery.

Smoother, Tighter Younger Looking Skin For You

Remember a time when your skin was smooth and supple? Would you like to undo the toll the effects of time, fun in the sun or heredity would take on your skin?

When you look in the mirror, do you see a tired, aged appearance? You may have a great, active, Healthy lifestyle, but the way you look doesn’t match the way you feel.

Today it is possible to start turning back the hands of time with Dermal Micro Needling treatments.

Dermal Micro Needling sessions are completed in one hour by your professionally trained Face and Body Beauty Therapists to fit in your busy lifestyle with minimal side effects and a few hours downtime. If you demand results, without spending a small fortune, ensure you book for your Dermal Micro Needling professional treatment plan, you will get maximum benefit from this sought after treatment. Plus it keeps on working for 18 months post treatment ; now that is a bonus.

So if you have looked into the mirror lately and thought you would like a fresher, younger appearance… Now you can.

Dermal Micro Needling is non-surgical and non-ablative treatment affording these results

  • Fine lines and wrinkles are softened
  • Skin is thickened and elasticity restored
  • Acne scarring and minor scarring is reduced
  • Pigmentation marks are lightened
  • A short healing period
  • Safely repeatable for maximum results
  • All areas of the face, neck, and body can be treated
  • Stretch marks are improved

Restore skin firmness, speed up the reduction of pigmentation marks, thicken fine skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce scarring, in the care of our professional salon environment.

Micro-needles on the roller and dermal pen create micro channels through the surface of the skin, the epidermis, which is the main obstruction to penetration of active ingredients. When active ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, and antioxidants are applied to your skin after self-treatment, they can reach the depths of your skin more effectively. Penetration, absorption and effectiveness are noticeably improved.

The following aftercare instructions are recommended

  • To avoid direct exposure to the sun for at least twenty eight days which is the wound healing cycle; after treatment. Using a high quality SPF, recommended by your therapist.
  • Follow your Face and Body Beauty Therapists skincare instructions carefully.
  • To avoid the use of sensitizing drugs or skin cosmetics or cosmetics that contain mineral oils, vaseline, lanoline, petroleum or acids
  • To avoid steam bath or sauna the first day after the treatment
  • To avoid make up the same day of the treatment; except 100% pure mineral make up recommended.
  • To avoid the use of after-shave, for four days after treatment.
  • Do not exfoliate for one MONTH after the treatment.

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Crystals will gradually refine and reduce dead skin cells accumulating on the surface revealing soft, new skin. Our micro machine delivers a gentle yet effective exfoliation combined with vacuuming to deeply clean the skin.

Microdermabrasion promotes the production of new skin cells, collagen and assists to even out skin tone and texture. We hydrate and nourish your skin post-treatment.

1 hour
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