Manicures and Pedicures

Pamper Your Hands and Feet

For many, a manicure is a luxurious treat. Having someone else take care of your nails is quick and inexpensive, but you still feel as if you’re being pampered.

Proper maintenance of the hands and feet are an essential part of general grooming. Special treatment and advice will help avoid ingrown nail conditions, keep cuticles tidy, the skin healthy and provide a professionally cared for appearance to hands and feet.

The secret to beautiful looking hands is actually a collection of steps and essentials of hand care put together to be summed up in the word “manicure”

Manicure & Pedicures by Face & Body- Hands and feet are often the most neglected areas yet cared-for nails are a sign that the rest of our body is well looked after.

Vitamin deficiencies show up as weak and splitting nails; insecurity appears as nail biting; stress can slow growth; Spend a little time and effort with us sorting our dry, flaky nails, and hard, rough skin, and thanks to the latest technical advances in nail care, a perfect set of strong, healthy nails in now within reach.

Callus Peel is the best treatment for those dry disgusting heels that we all get – men and women alike. No blood, no pain, no knives! Just smooth heels in one half of an hour.

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Glam Hands

30 min

Beautify your nails with file, buff, cuticle tidy and your choice of polish

Full Professional Manicure

1 hours

Facial for your hands includes shaping, exfoliation cuticle work, mask, massage hot towels with your choice of polish.


Feet Treat

30 min

We stand on them all day why don’t you give your feet a quick treat. Tidy up your nails, buff, cuticle tidy and your choice of polish.

Callus Enzyme Heel Peel

30 min

Removes hard skin shell off heels.

Full Professional Pedicure

1 hour

Foot and lower leg massage, trimming nails, cuticle work, buff bottom of your feet, exfoliation, mask, massage with your choice of polish.

Feet treat with Callus Enzyme Peel

1 hour
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